CMR & Test Day Delivery Coordinator
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English & Exams
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Locally appointed Grade H
Vacancy Description
Starting date: 06 April, 2020. The purpose of this role is to ensure effective and efficient administration of exams by supporting Cluster Exams Operations Manager maintaining service levels, maximizing agility, ensuring contingency, maintaining safe handling of confidential materials in accordance with compliance standards. This includes movement and activities related to the primary storage area known as the Confidential Materials Room (CMR)
Role Title

CMR & Test Day Delivery Coordinator (South Caucasus Cluster)

Role Information

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Local H band


One year

Cluster Exams Operations Manager

Role purpose


The purpose of this role is to ensure effective and efficient administration of exams by supporting Cluster Exams Operations Manager maintaining service levels, maximizing agility, ensuring contingency, maintaining safe handling of confidential materials in accordance with compliance standards. This includes movement and activities related to the primary storage area known as the Confidential Materials Room (CMR). Active co-ordination of any risk or issue with Venue/Venue Supervisors and with customers (directly and through customer services). This role will be required to work on test days and to coordinate remote relationships with Country/Geography/Regional.

About us

The British Council is the UK’s international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We create friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and other countries. We do this by making a positive contribution to the UK and the countries we work with – changing lives by creating opportunities, building connections and engendering trust.


We work with over 100 countries across the world in the fields of arts and culture, English language, education and society. Each year we reach over 20 million people face-to-face and more than 500 million people online, via broadcasts and publications.


Founded in 1934, we are a UK charity governed by Royal Charter and a UK public body.


The British Council’s work in the Education, Society and Skills sectors helps the organization foster links between UK and local organizations, institutions and practitioners. Our work in Education, Skills and Society contributes to greater security, prosperity and inclusion for people living in the UK and globally.

Geopolitical/SBU/Function overview:


The English and Examinations Strategic Business Unit (E&E) is one of three strategic business units in the British Council (the others being Arts and Education & Society) all of which have the remit to build trust for the people of the UK by building relationships through aspects of our language and culture. The British Council’s 2020 vision for English & Examinations is to be the world authority in high quality English language teaching, learning and assessment, as well as the International distributor of choice for UK professional and school qualifications.


The Examinations business makes a significant contribution to British Council financial sustainability, and as such, it is essential that the business evolves in order to maintain its position in a fast-changing operating context. There is a need to standardize and automate activities across the globe to deliver efficiencies, and there is also a requirement to develop new digital products and services to meet changing customer demands and competitive pressures. In a cost and resource-constrained environment, balancing the on-going requirements and allocation of funds will be critical, as will the integration and planning of the implementation of the different changes across a global network of 110+ countries charged with the on-going delivery of impact and income whilst changing key elements of the supporting operational platform.


Main opportunities/challenges for this role:

- There is a new Global Operating Model for Exams being implemented across the business and this role will be key to ensuring delivery of our exams operations at test centre level, working with new systems and processes and ensuring that new ways of working are taken up and adhered to.

- Driving right behaviour’s in the team towards greater awareness related to maintaining confidentiality of sensitive exam related materials.

- Acting in unforeseen situations to solve problems to ensure Test Day is successfully executed.

- Championing a customer service culture

Main Accountabilities:


Product Service Support

- Accountable for delivery functions in preparation (often at short notice) for Test Days in line with BC processes.

- Supports the functions of confidential materials handling and the Confidential Materials Room (CMR) to ensure British Council standards are met in set up and day to day operations. Arrange exam venues and logistics in accordance with British Council Exams standards.

- Supports tasks to reconcile exam materials and papers received are as per plan, report and escalate any discrepancies.

- Secure and timely arrival and storage of exam materials to/at the venue/test centre in accordance with British Council standards as well as rules and regulations of corresponding examination boards.

- Undertakes sorting and packing of exam materials to for designated test venues.

- Secure and timely dispatch of exams materials to the venues and despatch of completed candidate scripts to corresponding examination boards.

- Supports decisions of Operations Manager with the selection of venue staff, sets performance expectations and maintains positive relations

- Scan dashboards to monitor performance and identify issues

- Supports the selection of suitable venues

- Ensures the proper procedures and documentation is adhered to when handing over to courier.

- Ensures proper script receipt tracking, packing and return OR scanning, store and shredding.

- Undertake handling of suitcases and storage materials for distribution ordering and budget management.

- Supports planning for Test Day resources ordering, quality, distribution and management (e.g. process guides, stationery, branding/signage/ technical equipment – speaking test/hand scanners)

- Coordinates the entry and dispatch/announcement of results to the candidates according to the rules and regulations of the relevant boards.

- Provides timely escalation of issues, enabling the adaptation of work plans where necessary.


Customer support

- Receives and responds to enquiries from/to customers and may be a specific point of reference on queries relating to an area of nominated expertise or responsibility. Identifies where more complex issues require resolution by others and refers them on accordingly

- Recognises and understands the impact of incidents arising (e.g. complaints, resourcing problems, logistical or technical difficulties) and proactively alerts the team leader to any issues of concern that are likely to impact service/project/task delivery or customer experience.

- Customer services are fully briefed in order to answer Level 1 enquiries about the product and handle registration.

- All Level 2 Enquiries from Customers (those not handled by Customer Services) are responded to in a timely manner.


Relationship & stakeholder management

- Supporting continuous improvement in the efficiency/cost effectiveness/quality of service delivery/systems in the unit or department

- Proactively work with Cluster Exams Operations Manager to deliver satisfactory and timely resolution of customer (internal or external) complaints, coordinating input from other team members as required. Ensures the customer is kept informed throughout the process.

- Develops good working relationships and engagement with Venue Staff and appropriate colleagues throughout the BC to facilitate effective and efficient service delivery.

- Act as point of contact and manage escalated issues in country from Venue Supervisors and Venues, supported by Operations Manager / Cluster team when required.


Risk and Compliance

- Ensure adherence to CMR standards and management as set forth and carry out frequent random checks to proactively prevent issues from arising.

- Provide support and reporting for audits and performance reviews.

- Undertake contingency and risk management on the ground, liaise with Customer Service, Examiner or Venue Staff to ensure alignment on communications Leads in providing support related to compliance or investigations on Test Day and related issues.

- Follows agreed corporate risk management processes and procedures when delivering services (e.g. child protection, security policies, financial protocols, anti-fraud measures) to protect the interests of the BC and its customers at all times.

- Create awareness within the country team on the importance of maintaining the standards around CMR and distribution of exam related materials, provide feedback if behavioural gaps are observed.


Analysis & Reporting

- Uses standard procedures and templates, regularly records, analyses and reports on operational activity such as venue staff performance to support senior managers in making timely and effective business decisions that respond to operational needs.

- Leads wash-up meetings to review Test Day performance delivery, continual improvement and corrective actions


Managing self & others

- Plans and prioritises own work activities, which span across a range of different work streams, responding to changing and at times competing requirements to ensure effective delivery of responsibilities over a weekly/monthly time horizon.

- Tasks and coordinates others (e.g. internal colleagues or external contractors/suppliers) to complete time-limited, straightforward activities, within established procedures, in order to ensure efficient delivery of services. Monitors task completion to agreed quality and time standards.

- Keep updated professionally in order to provide a service that is in line with current legislation and best practice with at least one formal training course each year in accordance with PMPD guidelines.

Key Relationships:


- South Caucasus Cluster Examinations Team

- South Caucasus Cluster Customer Services Team

- Wider Europe Examinations Teams

- BC colleagues from other departments - HR, Network and Operations, Marketing and Communications, Finance

- Compliance Lead



- Test Takers

- Examiners & Venue Staff

- Receiving Organisations

- Exam Boards

- Service Providers; e.g. Venue Proprietors, sub-centres and similar.

Role Requirements:

Threshold requirements: -

Assessment stage

Passport requirements/ Right to work in country

Right to reside and work in Georgia

Sifting /Shortlisting

Direct contact or managing staff working with children?



Job offer


Police check required due to confidential materials

Job offer

Person Specification:

Assessment stage

Minimum / essential


Assessment Stage

- University degree

- English: B2

- Local language: native speaker.

- English: C1

- Shortlisting

Role Specific Knowledge & Experience

Minimum / essential


Assessment Stage

- Experience working in a busy operational environment delivering high levels of customer service.

- Ability to ensure compliance, risk and security standards are monitored and maintained.

- Experience managing small teams or demonstrating management potential.

- Experience working in Exams

- Experience of supporting on delivery of computer-based exams


Role Specific Skills (if any)

Assessment Stage

Marketing and Customer Service (level 1)

Understanding the Britih Council and its values

Understanding customer needs

Responding to customer needs

Obtaining and evaluating feedback


Shortlisting AND Interview

British Council Core Skills

Assessment Stage

Communicating and influencing (level 1)

Communicates clearly and effectively

Listens to others and expresses self clearly, with grammatical accuracy and awareness of a diverse audience in speaking and writing.

Managing projects (level 2).

Analyses project data

Examines project data and performance, reporting on progress and recommending corrective action as needed.

Planning and organizing (level 2).

Plans ahead

Organizes own work over weeks and months, or plans ahead for others, taking account of priorities and the impact on other people.

Shortlisting AND Interview

British Council Behaviours

Assessment Stage

Connecting with others (Essential):

Making regular opportunities to understand others better

Working together (Essential):

Ensuring that others benefit as well as me

Being Accountable (Essential):

Delivering my best work in order to meet my commitments