Head of Adult Teaching and Learning - Egypt
Middle East North Africa (MENA)
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Pay Band 7
Vacancy Description
Contract Duration: 2+1+1 years (Country Plus or Locally appointed) Location: Cairo, Egypt Pay Band 7/G Salary: 23, 215 EGP / additional allowances / medical insurance (See body below) Closing date: 12 January 2019
Role Purpose

The post holder will lead on ensuring Quality in the Classroom through performance management and professional development of Teaching Professionals.  They will ensure learning methodology is consistent with British Council Brand standards and teaching delivery exceeds customer expectations and is in line with latest thinking in pedagogy.  

Function Overview

The teaching centres in Egypt have long stood as flagship operations for the British Council and as a hub for the development of teachers and teaching centre managers to staff other centres across the network.  In addition, to three teaching centres in Cairo (Agouza, Heliopolis and City Stars), the British Council also has partner premises in Sheikh Zayed and Alexandria.  The largest centre, Agouza is co-located with the country HQ. All centres have a teaching team comprising of a mixture of local and expatriate teachers.  A mix of Adult and Young Learner courses are taught in all branches and all full-time teachers are expected to teach both Adults and Young Learners as part of their teaching hours.  

Predominantly based in Agouza, but also working flexibly from other centres the Head of Adult Teaching and Learning is a key member of the Egypt middle management team alongside Head of Teaching and Learning for both the Young Learner and Training programmes as well as the Head of Teacher Operations, and the Programme Managers who work closely to lead on the day to day management of the large team of teachers. 

The Head Adult Teaching and Learning leads on the delivery of the British Council Adult programme throughout Egypt and acts as a focal point for best practice in Adult teaching and delivery; creating a strong team that shares best practice and supports teachers in developing their teaching skills is therefore a key part of the role. 

The teaching centre in Egypt has seen substantial growth over the last few years, and through development of new branches there is confidence in further significant growth. This is a great opportunity for the right candidate to gain experience of integrated working with marketing and customer services teams in a large, well-resourced operation where the reputation of the organisation is already well-established.

The British Council enjoys a strong reputation in Egypt as the leading provider of English language courses for adults and young learners. Students trust us as an organisation that values and invests in them. Developing approaches that are responsive to the diverse needs of different students yet ensuring consistency of in 5 different branches means a challenging yet interesting role.

Country/Regional overview

Egypt has had a highly turbulent recent past, following the Arab Spring and then the election & forcible ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Currently Egypt is led by army chief, Abdul Fattah al-Sisi who won the presidency in the May 2014 elections.  Security continues to be a significant issue.  Egypt is the most populous country in the Middle East and is continuing to grow rapidly.  This growth in the youth and middle-aged demographic brings with it significant pressure on education provision and employment opportunities.  The increased urbanisation of the population is also creating pressure on social, infrastructure and resources in Egypt’s main cities.  The recent political instability has checked economic growth which fell from 7.26% to 1.8% in 2013.  Prior to the Arab Spring the level of per capita disposable income had grown significantly although this has slowed somewhat since then. With, 25% of the population living at the national poverty line, the country has been heavily reliant on stimulus packages from a number of its neighbours in the Middle East and cash remittances from its overseas diaspora to sustain it through the recent turbulence. Mention devaluation?

Main market opportunities

Significant population growth means ensuing pressure on education provision and increasing demand for Higher Education (its scale, reach and quality) and employment. English and other business skills are in high demand as are UK qualifications. Widespread concern over the quality of public education continues to drive the growth of the private sector and the success of our teaching and exams operations in Egypt; the role of the UK IGCSE as the curriculum of choice in the private sector further enhances our market position.

The British Council enjoys a strong reputation in Egypt as the leading provider of English language courses.  Current performance of Exams and Teaching across the country is strong and there are ambitious growth targets for both businesses. 

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Additional Information:

  • If you are interested in this job, kindly submit your application by 13 January 2019
  • Interviews will be taking place by the 3rd week of January 2019
  • All mobility packages will include accommodation, education for children (if the posting allows accompanying families) and transfer assistance
No mobility package is paid:
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  • If you are not currently on a mobility package and you are changing to a new role within the same country 

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