Plumber, Kenya
Sub Saharan Africa
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Business Support Services
Job Category
Business Solutions
Pay Band
Locally appointed Grade K
Vacancy Description
Terms: Locally Appointed Duration: 1 year Fixed Term Location: Nairobi, Kenya Closing Date: 23 November 2018 (23:59 UK Time)
Role Purpose

This post is to provide efficient support in maintenance of British Council office and residences in pipes repairs, water tapes, sinks, toilets, showers and fixtures associated with heating, cooling, water distribution, and sanitation systems. Fixes domestic appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines and gas cookers. Inspects drainage and other plumbing systems for compliance with British Council health and safety standards. Mechanical knowledge preferred to assist with routine maintenance of generators.

Main Accountabilities

-  Inspects, installs, repairs and replaces pipes, fittings, sinks, showers, toilets, water heaters and related plumbing fixtures to maintain the heating, water, gas and drainage systems.
-  Opens clogged drains by use of hand or power operated devices.
-  Cleans spills, debris, leaks, etc. caused by backups or repair techniques.
-  Coordinate repair of tile, re-plaster or paint walls through which holes have been cut to gain access to plumbing.
-  Coordinate final clean or affected area after water damage or contamination.
-  Coordinate requisition of materials used or needed for repairs.

Additional duties and responsibilities include:
-  Installs, repairs, maintains, tests and upgrades plumbing, piping systems, equipment including: Schedule 40 and 80 pipes; PVC, CPVC, Poly tubing; Copper, brass, stainless steel; Fiberglass; Steam and condensate; Water; Gas; Hydraulic and Pneumatic; Rigging and Hoisting Tests, repairs, and maintains backflow prevention and condensate return devices.
-  Assist with design and calculations of plumbing and piping additions or modifications.
-  Be a resource for any project related work within the British Council office building or other owned property.
-  Responsible for obtaining all Kenyan required permits and registrations as per building and maintenance regulations.
-  Ability to read industrial flow diagrams and plumbing blueprints and apply plumbing codes.
-  Ability to work in a team environment with strong communication skills while focused on customer service.
-  Flexibility to work evenings, weekends, and overtime as needed.
-  Manual dexterity for delicate work. Frequently stoop, squat, twist, reach, climb stairs while performing job duties.
-  Ability to lift and carry objects weighing up to 50 pounds. Work in all British Council areas and outside the office which can include heights up to 30 ft, working on ladders, confined spaces. Exposure to extreme heat and cold, humidity, fumes, gases, odours and dust. Exposure to high noise levels. Work around moving machinery that is electrically and mechanically hazardous. Also work with highly combustible or potentially explosive equipment.
-  Performs all other miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

Role Requirements

-  Must have existing rights to work and live in Kenya where the job is based.
-  Police Clearance Certificate is required.
-  Candidate must be trained in the use of pipe treading machines, identification of code required piping for domestic, waste and rain water.
-  Candidate must be able to use power and hand tools related to this discipline safely.


-  Completion of Secondary School, and Trade school training in plumbing.
-  Relevant qualification e.g. City and Guilds.
-  Five (5) years of experience as a plumber.
-  Experience in equipment/appliance preventive and schedule maintenance including repair.

For further information please view the attached documents
Plumber, Kenya.pdf
BC Behaviors.pdf
BC Core Skills.pdf

Closing Date: 23 November 2018 (23:59 UK Time)