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Registrar Manager-Riyadh
Middle East North Africa (MENA)
Country / Territory
Saudi Arabia
Teaching Centres
Job Category
Teaching Centre Management
Pay Band
Locally appointed Grade G
Vacancy Description
Grade G/ Total Monthly salary SR 10,950 (including Basic Salary and all other benefits; Housing Allowance and Transportation Allowance) /Local Contract/ Indefinite/ Open to Males and Females residents of Saudi Arabia and Saudi nationals.

The British Council Riyadh office is recruiting “Registrar Manager” To support the growth and daily work of the Riyadh TC operations through participating in strategic planning, effective management of the new TCMS system, income recording, timetable, marketing, customer journeys and quality control of information provision for TC products. In addition to contribution to the smooth running of the TC as part of the management team.


The post is only open to residents in Saudi and Saudi nationals.

Teaching Centre – Riyadh is a very well established highly repeatable language centre. We currently have 2 centres, one for men and one for women and over 30 full-time and part-time teachers. Although Riyadh is relatively stable in relation to its neighbours, economic pressures are increasing, and a key challenge in this role will be to increase overall Adult (individuals and corporate sectors) and YL student numbers through providing different products, class times and patterns and through maintaining quality services to students, converting enquirers to regular customers, and maintaining a high percentage of student retention through constant research of students needs and feedback for improvements. Another challenge would be increasing awareness and finding new markets for our courses (Adults, YLs, Corporate) and to utilise unused resources like classroom use in morning times and increasing numbers of YLs studying during the week.


Accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties:
(including people management and finance)


  • Build a strong registrar team including the line management of Registration Services Officers in both the men’s and women’s centre, which are in different locations.
  • Direct supervision and system control for Customer service staff on Teaching Centre services in terms of Information provision and TCMS/Campus use.
  • Providing ongoing training for existing and new staff on TCMS and the old Campus system and Teaching Centre information.
  • System owner and country coordinator for TCMS/Campus system.(registration, income, timetable, cash desks, academic structure, academic calendar, corporate accounts, business reports, refunds, discounts).
  • Managing corporate courses.
  • Managing all TC income recording (Adults, YLs, and Corporate), income reconciliation and monthly deferred income, providing regular statistics and figures to TCM for financial planning.
  • In coordination with Academic Manager and YL Manager coordinate Academic timetables, class openings, closures and waiting list to maximise class fill and fulfil TC targets each Academic session for YLs and Adults.
  • Participate in TC strategic planning and targets with TC management team.
  • Management of BC office debts and reporting risks to country Director and Finance Manager.
  • Recruitment of TC temp staff, and taking  part in any TC or BC recruitment exercises 
  • Assume OMO2 role on SAP; release POs and park journals as necessary.



Key relationships: (include internal and external)


  • TC management team ( TCM, Academic Manager, YL Manager, Corporate Manager)
  • MTC and WTC Customer Service Managers
  • KSA Customer Service Manager
  • Customer Service staff
  • Communications Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Teachers
  • Public Sectors(like almost all Ministries, Banks, Private sector companies)


Other important features or requirements of the job:

  • Late evening hours required especially around registration days on a termly basis.
  • Possible regional or country travel for training purposes.

Role Profile.pdf

British Council Behaviours.pdf

Core Skills.pdf

 Deadline date for applications: 26th May 2016


Qualifications, skills and Experiences:


  • Experienced user in Campus-SAP.
  • Ability to communicate very well in spoken and written English and Arabic.
  • B2 level in Aptis English test.
  • University degree or equivalent.
Further Requirement:


 Applicant must be holding a transferable Iqama, in case of Non-Saudi national.