Wales Advisory Committee Member
UK Region
Job Category
Corporate Affairs
Pay Band
Vacancy Description
Location: Cardiff Duration: 3 Year Term Pay band: Unremunerated but reasonable travel and expenses reimbursed Requirements: Candidates must have the right to work in the UK Closing date: 25 January 2017
About us

The British Council was founded to create a friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and wider world by making a positive contribution to the countries we work with, and in doing so making a lasting difference to the UK’s security, prosperity and influence.

British Council Wales is part of the UK geographical region (UKR). Other countries in this region are Northern Ireland and Scotland, with offices in Belfast and Edinburgh. UKR also runs cross-regional campaigns covering the whole UK, based around major seasons and themes, and works closely with the Arts and Education & Society SBUs to ensure a coherent offer and UK stakeholder management.

British Council Wales is an integral part of the British Council global network and we work with our offices around the world to build international profile and partnerships for Wales and to achieve greater global engagement with Welsh cultural and educational assets. We act as a cultural broker between colleagues in the E&S and arts SBUs, the global network and external stakeholders.

In Wales, we focus primarily on education and arts. Working closely with Welsh partners and across the British Council network and we aim to:

 Ensure key stakeholders and potential beneficiaries in Wales are aware of and supported to fully engage with the British Council’s education and arts offers.
 Support the Welsh education and arts sectors’ international ambitions
 Contribute positively and visibly to the national debate on internationalizing education and the arts in Wales.
 Ensure that the British Council’s global work is informed by a distinctive Welsh voice.

The British Council draws on strategic advice from three Country Advisory Committees - for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - which report to the Board of Trustees.

Our equality commitment
Valuing diversity is essential to the British Council’s work. We aim to abide by and promote equality legislation by following both the letter and the spirit of it to try and avoid unjustified discrimination, recognising discrimination as a barrier to equality of opportunity, inclusion and human rights. All staff worldwide are required to ensure their behaviour is consistent with our policies.

The opportunity
The Wales Advisory Committee advises the Country Director Wales and acts as an advocate for our work in Wales. As a member of the Wales Advisory Committee, you will contribute to the development of the British
Council’s strategic objectives and corporate priorities on behalf of Wales and reflect the needs of one or more more of the British Council’s target communities in Wales.

Terms and Conditions
Committee members are appointed for a three year term, renewable for a further three years.
Positions on the Wales Advisory Committee are not remunerated but reasonable travel and expenses will be reimbursed at standard British Council rates. Candidates must have the right to work in the UK.
Key focus areas of the post include:

 Participating in committee meetings, normally three a year (and possibly an away day)
 Contributing to the committee’s purpose and objectives outlined in the terms of reference
 Acting as advocates for the British Council’s work in Wales and in the UK as a whole
 Providing advice on strategy
 Keeping the British Council in Wales abreast of major developments in the public, educational, economic and cultural life of Wales
 Serving as a channel of professional advice within his/her own area of expertise, and identifying new opportunities
 Providing access to communities within Wales for whom the British Council’s work has particular relevance

What we require of the successful candidate
 Commitment to the mission of the British Council to create a friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and wider world
 Ability to contribute to one or more of the British Council’s three strategic business units – Arts, Education and Society, and English and Exams
 Strong belief in, understanding and knowledge of, what Wales can contribute
 Good team working skills
 Effective communication skills (oral and written)

 Experience and expertise across one or more of the British Council’s strategic business units - Arts, Education and Society, and English and Exams
 Experience and expertise in international cultural relations
 Understanding and knowledge of one or more of the main geographical regions in which the British Council works
If you would like to understand more about this post then please see the documents below:

Role Profile (English).pdf
Role Profile (Welsh).pdf
Further details

If you are interested in the post and feel that you are suitable for the role, then we would really like to hear from you. Please apply by sending a copy of your CV and a covering letter to Jenny Scott, Director British Council Wales, email